Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 68- 27 miles today to Vevay, IN

Waiting for the boys. This place had ambiance but no foid and we were
hungty! We found a nice Italian restaurant where we split a nice
antipasto and breadsticks. Patrick Lanman from the local paper came in
and asked if he could get our story. We stuffed our faces while we
talked with him! Glad he waited till we got outside to take a picture.
Nice little town that was settled by John Dufour from Switzerland who
saw this area and thought it would be the perfect place for vineyards
and wine making just like the old country. It is in Switzerland county
and boasts being the first winery in the state. This town had
beautiful architecture ranging from Federal style to lots of
Italianate buildings. Again, wish I had more time! Nice break and met
many nice people interested in our trip.


  1. To the O'Donnell Clan, it was so nice to meet you in Rising Sun Ind. today and to hear your story. I was one of the ladies on the Motorcycles from Williamsburg Ohio (Donna), We have shared your story as we traveled today ourselves and now that I am settled in for the night will forward your site to friends to see 1st hand the perseverance of you wonderful folks. I know living with Diabetes takes perseverence everyday. My prayers will follow you as well as I will make a contribution for the research. Thanks for crossing my path today and making it brighter.

  2. O'Donnell Clan, do my eyes decieve me or will you be passing through Williamsburg, Ohio ? If so do you know about when? I would love to meet up again if possible

  3. I just met you at Bishop's Bicycle shop in Milford (Cincinnati) Ohio. We exchanged cards, and now I'm home looking up your blog. I'll be in touch more later. Gotta go for now... Mark (AIM: "mr fenbers")


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