Sunday, August 2, 2009

Day 63- July 31

Rebecca talking with a very welcoming representative of the city! She
knew that Mike Lawrence, chief photographer from The Gleaner had been
to see us and was happy to have us visit Henderson! They were having a
sidewalk sale throughout town and it's just a good thing I don't have
room on my bike for anything! Rebecca needed a new back tire tube and
James' bike keeps shifting on it's own so we were going to be here a
bit today. Great bike store with Eric and Breck went above and beyond
to help! They suggested that James needed a new rear cassette and
chain to solve the problem. They took parts off a brand new bike and
replaced James'. Fixed Rebeccas tire and only charged for parts and
when Mike pointed out they forgot to charge for Rebecca's tube, Breck
said don't worry about it. Mike paid for it anyhow and then some more
for the incredible service. We sent a card to the map company
immediately to make sure they are on the map! We also told him the
saga of the turtle and he insisted on helping get it out to the park
and even offered to bring James out there to release it. James and
Rebecca said there goodbyes to Spokes and then explained to Breck that
they only had him a day and didn't need to see him released. Thanks so
much to Breck and Eric. Good luck with the new store in Owensboro too!

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