Monday, August 10, 2009

Rising Sun

Met Donna who was riding her motorcycle today and was intrigued by our
journey. Gave some books to us on the "the perfect ride" which was
very thoughtful. I see that she commented on the blog...thanks Donna!
So many people have held us up in prayers for this journey of ours and
we feel it everyday. We have had angels watching over us and it is
because of all of you back home as well as people we have met along
the road. If I could ask one favor of all of you... Please say a
prayer for my friend Cheryl and her husband, Dirk, who just found out
he has a brain tumor. Also, to Ross and Matt who road across the
country this summer for brain tumor research, please post your website
here so others can find out more about this worthy cause. I have not
heard the results of Dirk's biopsy, but my thoughts go to him and
Cheryl many times while riding and they could use all our prayers at
this tough time. Thank you!

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