Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day 74- Aug 11

Our stay at Nuhop Retreat. Nice to have beds to hang out on. Thanks to
Tara Mckernan back home and her brother Trevor Dunlap we had this nice
place to stay. There was a marching band at the camp which was
interesting to watch and listen to. At 12:30 the adult instructors
struck up the band and played beautifully. I was glad to wake up and
hear it. They ended with Danny Boy and too bad my family slept through
it! Thanks Tara and Trevor! Also thanks to Chris at the camp who went
out of his way in the morning to pick up our general delivery mail at
6:30am which had Rebecca's insulin!

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  1. Hey, it was great to meet and talk to you all at camp Newhop. I really enjoyed talking to you and your family about your ride. Also very glad that you enjoyed the band - even after midnight. Apparently some of the neighbors complained! God speed on the rest of your journey - we will be checking in on your progress. Richard and Marilyn Rose


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