Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day 73- Aug 10

More beautiful barns and rolling hills. Great biking! We took a
different route today so the camping tonight would be more on the way
northeasterly. We got too close to Columbus and in with too much
traffic. We took shelter at the Columbus Zoo which apparently is
currently number 1 in the country. They let us into member services to
wait out the storm that never really hit. The funnel cakes and soda
were good though! Then 10 more miles through suburbia hell and rush
hour traffic and then to a nice campground where we got some laundry
done and had a nice swim. Tomorrow we go to a camp that is run by
family if a friend back east. Tara, former teacher of James',
coordinated a stay at her families camp. It will be nice to stay there!

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