Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day 73- Aug 10

Breakfast and a good one at Jeanie Merrit's Country Table! She also is
a roving reporter who took pictures and story of our journey for the
local paper. Nice lady who James enjoyed helping inside the
restaurant! Unfortunately we are off the trail and back to roads
today. We have a couple more rail trails ahead if us. The Erie canal
for one- 90 miles long! Think well go for our century there perhaps.
Late start this morning and still 36 to go! Had nice chats with family
though. Kate is mailing some insulin and supplies out to us general
delivery to Butler. Should arrive for pick up tomorrow. Thanks Kate
and Bobby!


  1. Re: Erie Canal--don't miss camping in Middleport. You can camp *right* next to the canal, they have nice public bathrooms/showers, and it's a friendly place.

  2. You are welcome! We are missing you. xo

  3. Good talking to you last week Deb. Keep up the great work and we all look forward to seeing you all when you dip your tires in the Atlantic. We will have to talk about your new office accommodations when you return. Rick and Ed have done a great job cleareng your old office for our new arrival.

  4. Hey guys - Kate was down tonight and then all the boys came too to see the dogs/cats before they got ice cream. We are going to have a bon fire Thursday night in your honor! Jim and Pat here as you know. Keep trucking - New England is calling


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