Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 67- Aug 5

Kitchy place we went to for brunch! Bun Box!! Bean soup, hotdogs, and
BBQ. Pork...yikes. Nice riding but our bikes were not working well on
hills at all! Very frustrating! Also someone smashed all the street
signs and I got lost. Added more mileage to make a 70 mile day. With
the time we lost because of storm it would have been nice to use that
mileage on advancing NE! At the end of the day a tractor trailer came
up on us and laid on his horn behind and by us...scared the you know
what out if us. I gave him a special wave and he then stopped to yell
at me. He was trying to talk to be through his window and when I told
him I couldn't hear him, he got out of his cab and came around to get
into it with me. He said he just wanted to let us know he was there
and my actions weren't necessary. Well, in over 3000 miles no one has
ever laid on a horn to let us know they were there, especially when we
are on a flat road with full view ahead Bad behavior on my part but
hopefully next time this guy will know better and doesn't feel it
necessary to blow his horn for so long! Lessons learned! I came across
Mike and James talking about it later. Teaching moments!

1 comment:

  1. hhhmmm..."Special Wave"?! I'm shocked! Shocked, I say! :)

    Really enjoying the updates!



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