Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day 63-Owensboro- July 31

This little girl checking out James' bike bling and family -
Blounts(sp?) greeted us when we came into Owensboro. First the mom met
us at the light in town and asked about our trip through the car
window. Said her husband wanted to do this trip. A few minutes later
she was riding with her whole family in the car and she said she told
her husband, "there is your wanta be family!" and they pulled us over
to ask us what we needed! They offered their yard and showers to us
which was incredibly generous. Since there wasn't official camping in
this city I had called the police earlier to make arrangements for us
to camp in a small city park. The Blounts were definitely a family
that would have been fun to hang with for the evening. We still needed
to eat dinner and get settled in and they were on their way out for
dinner themselves so we decided to stay put at the very nice park.
Thanks so much to this beautiful family for your generosity though. It
was very much appreciated and was a warm introduction to what we found
to be a "I could live here" town!

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