Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day 63- July 31- Owensboro

Tents were still wet from Cave in Rock so James is airing them out
through the park! Good ride today. Since we got a late start today, we
only did 32 and we took a busier road that was more direct. People
have been so good about slowing down and pulling around our rigs and
we do get some honks on occasion but after we ask ourselves "was that
a happy honk or a mean one?" we come to the conclusion always that of
course it was a happy one! I am trying to teach the kids how to help
the motorist get around us when they can't see ahead. Wave them on and
then wave to thank them for slowing down can do much to change folks
perception of those obnoxious bike riders! Even though we have the
right of way, roads still are primarily for motorists who need to get
somewhere usually in a hurry. We would prefer if the sign read,
"please share the road" because we do appreciate those patient drivers
who wait for us to get up a hill when there is mo shoulder or wait
behind while we navigate a steep downhill. No one wins by thinking
they have sole right of way!

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