Sunday, August 2, 2009

Day 62- July 30- Henderson

So our plan today was to stay at the Audubon State campground on the
other side of the city but after 58 miles and 8 more to go the rain
came! I pulled over and suggested a cheap motel was in order! It was
cheap and it did the trick! As we relaxed in our room and watched the
rain come down harder through the open door one of the kids yelled,
"look!" This turtle was staring at us, with an accusing look! We all
got quite a laugh at the possible cartoon bubbles that could be
played out..."why did you take my baby", "give him back or I bite the
boys foot" this huge turtle was a snapper so obviously not the same
family but this guy did get James and Rebecca thinking about the
fairness for their new found friend. We made the decision to bring it
to the Audubon sanctuary tomorrow and release it. James worried about
the turtle all night because we didn't know what to feed it. See our
little guy in the picture to the right? Quite a difference in size!

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