Monday, September 7, 2009

Last Day :-(

Grandpa Jim O'Donnell had some things to say that left us all touched
but very teary. Our family was so proud of us and thankful to have us
home. It is the 4 of us that are so proud and thankful to have the
families we have. We thank all our parents for giving us the
experiences that we had growing up that helped to shape our worlds and
our appreciation for nature, exercise, camping, and good old family
adventures! We think we have passed that on and hope that we can
continue to have many more adventures with these wonderful kids that
we are so proud of! There are so many people to thank and I intend to
do so over the next couple weeks. We will continue to report info to
this blog as long as we can and continue to accept donations for some
time as folks continue to hear about the journey. We want to thank
everyone who has been so helpful on this project. You have made a
difference and we appreciate it so much!

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