Saturday, September 5, 2009

Day 98- Sept 4

Moe and Charlie Boyden taking their vagabond friends out for a
celebration dinner at Pat's Pizza in Ellsworth. They picked us up at
Timberland RV Park where we set up our tents for the last night of our
journey. We met 2 nice guys Chip and Rick, who made sure we were set
on our campsite and were very hospitable. They both made very generous
donations to the cause too. We got showered and Moe and Charlie
brought snacks for us and beverages! Great way to spend our last night!


  1. That's why Moe is our honorary sister. She and Charlie are sweethearts! We are on your blog at noon, since that is the closest we can get to you when you dip the tires in the beautiful waters of Seal Cove. Congratulations again - we are so proud of you all and what you have done. It's a bittersweet end but you'll always have the memories. Way to go guys- we love you and hopefully we'll see you again real soon.
    Go UMass (had to sneak that one in...)
    Cindy and the gang

  2. So good to see you folks yesterday in Trenton. Sorry we weren't able to make the celebration at the end of the journey but Jordan was very honored to get one of the first hugs from Rebecca and spread the word of "a sighting" as you all made your way back home. Congrats and Thanks from another family that deal with Diabetes on a daily basis.

    Dana Jones and family (Sean-Jeffrey-Jordan-Tori)


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