Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day 91- Aug 28

Rob and Mike in Ripton. We ran into problems later in the day trying
to find a place to stay. When we got into Bethel where there was
suppose to be motels, there wasn't anything! Folks in Bethel told us
up ahead in Sharon there were a couple motels...we rode on and
nothing! Now it was getting dark and cold and this is where I get
stressed! I found online a B&B but when I called there was no
availability....until I mentioned we were on bikes! Ken Wright said
"that changes everything...come on up!" We rode in the dark up a dirt
road to the Wrights and had one of the nicest visits of the trip. The
reason they took us in is because they are bike enthusiasts to the
max, having taken groups of people across the country 7 times! Nancy
was leaving next week to do the perimeter of the USA! They set us up
in their beautiful home, we shared stories from the road, great night
sleep and topped it off with breakfast in the morning. Nancy has a
blog on and I plan on checking out her ride around
the US...very envious! Thanks Wrights! You were a beacon in the dark
that night!!!

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