Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Picture taking and insulin drops

This week I need to determine best way to keep you guys up to date with where we have been through picures and blogging! Really need something like an IPhone and trying a few avenues that don't include me getting into a 2 year contract! Logistics! Yikes! More important is figuring out how to get insulin along the way. Found "Cooler Concepts" on line for keeping insulin cold for up to 40 hours. Evaporative process that is pretty neat. Dunk the bag in water, squeeze out excess water and then store where the air can get to it. We'll have it strapped to Rebeccas water bag on her back. They also had headband with these tiny beads that use the same process. Think we will need on those 100 deg. plus days! Really like the last few days of riding in 35 deg weather...I really am a cold weather person...who picked this southern route??? Oh yeah...ME!!! "I told you so" will soon be banned from my family's vocabulary!


  1. You could just have your favorite sister come along as your road crew. (And no, Becka, it's not you...) :p

  2. All my sisters are favorites, some are just more "special" depending on the situation, right!? Road crew? Now wouldn't that be nice!

  3. Just emailed my long-distance bike riding, insulin-dependent sister-in-law (who lives in San Francisco) for advice. Will let you know what she says!
    - Janet A.


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